Mega Cloud Mega MEGA Application

Mega-MEGA is the name of a cloud service that offers 50 GB of free space. Unlike other cloud services by the client, this service encrypts or disables file encryption and is not allowed by users. Mega service has attracted a lot of users and has won a lot of popularity. The Mega builder has been launching software for the same Android operating system that users can use to get faster access to their files uploaded in cloud computing.


MEGA features

  • Ability to search, rename, delete, share and … files
  • Access to upload files at any location and at any time
  • Ability to put your files and folders with other users
  • Find and view new user updates

You can access and use your information through the Internet through the Mega Cloud Measure whenever and wherever you are. Ability to share your folders and files with your contacts and you can see their new updates at any time.

With MEGA, the cloud space will always be in your pocket, and you can access it from your tablet or phone and upload any files you want in cloud service whenever you want. Ability to search, delete, rename, download, view, share and … for your files can be done by the Mega program.