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Meme Generator v4.121 Apk is Available !

Meme Generator Troll Creation

More than 50 million downloads from the PlayStation

Patchy version of the app with all the capabilities

Undoubtedly, you’ve seen loads of social networking trawls that have been created by users. It’s interesting to know that these Trolls are usually created using programs that this time we have prepared one of these programs called Meme Generator, which will allow you to build and design a troll on your phone.


  • Multiple categories of trolls
  • Out of 700 pre-made trolley with multiple examples
  • Custom Trojan with the possibility to use gallery photos
  • Share and save trolls
  • Add Sticker to Trolls
  • Set the color and size of the posts
  • There are several different fonts to choose by users
  • Crop clipping capability

Using the Meme Generator, you’ll have the ability to build a troll on your mobile phone. This software includes pre-made and custom trolley that you can use. You can also use the photos inside the phone’s gallery, and you can create troll photos. This software also allows you to put text and different stickers, and you can change the size and color of the text to your taste. After you create and create a Troll, you can share it on social networks and save it to users.

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