Memento Database data storage application

Perhaps many times you have come to want to record important information, but you have not found a good place. For example, when you want to insert text information on a sheet of paper, the likelihood of being torn, dirty or lost for any reason is too much.



  • Sync with Google Sheets and Google Drive
  • Supports cloud space and upload photos, posts and files
  • Personal use of the app for different items
  • Commercial use for customers, managers, stores and …
  • Windows version
  • Search among database entries
  • Notifications
  • Solve math problems like: maximum, minimum, average
  • Chart: Line, Column, Queue …
  • Password protection
  • Import and save information in CSV format
  • And dozens of other …

The Memento Database has created a good platform to help you record information. This application allows you to record a variety of text information along with attaching various photos and files. The most important feature of this software is the ability to synchronize with cloud services so you can easily store recorded information in services such as Google Drive so that in case of any problems for your phone you can access your information through cloud services access you have.

This app has the ability to record various information. You can save the information you want to enter in the program in order to make it easy to access. On the other hand, there is the possibility of searching among the information to make finding your data much easier.