Memris Learn Languages ​​Free Android Language Learning Program

Premium and Full Unlock

Memrise Learn Languages ​​is a language learning program that is very suitable for people with reduced time. With this software you can learn different languages. The training in this software is designed to provide learning in the shortest possible time. In addition to your English, you will be able to learn 179 other languages ​​and have access to the SATs, GMAT, TESOL, TOEFL, and GCSE, A-Level, IBAC courses.

Memrise-Learn-Languages ​​Learning the language of the memris

Membres language teaching features

  • Ability to learn English with 44 words per hour
  • Has various modes to learn
  • Choose from thousands of different courses in 100 different languages
  • Example sentences with audio and video files

Memrise Learn Languages ​​is a different language learning program that lets you learn 180 different languages. The MRM application uses new and unique ways to teach foreign languages. This software is designed to use it to learn 44 new words per hour. Audio and video examples have also been added to complete your learning so you can use them to complete your learning.