The latest version of the Meteorfall game: Journeys for Android

Meteorfall: Journeys is an awesome card game for Android, created and published by the Slothwerks studio. In this fascinating game you will enter many adventures and you must fight with different monsters. First you can choose from among the different heroes and enter the game. Each of these heroes has specific skills that you can enter into different origins by choosing them. Then you have to enter the main battle. Only by eliminating monsters can you make adventures and succeed. To do this, you must choose between different cards and make the best of the struggle.

Meteorfall: Journeys Download game Meteors Crash

Features of the game Meteorfall: Journeys

  • A charming card game
  • Good design
  • Easy gameplay
  • Select different cards
  • Simple graphics
  • Different characters
  • There are 4 heroes with different skills
  • Attractive stages
  • Different monsters with 7 bass fayt
  • Unique adventure
  • And other features

As stated above, the Meteorfall: Journeys is an awesome card game for Android, which you can install into and out of it, you can enter into interesting campaigns. You have to choose one for the fight among the various heroes in this game. Each adventure will give you a different path and you can experience something new. To fight your enemies, you must choose one from different cards so you can destroy the types of monsters and bass that are in front of you. The game has a very simple design and you will see many characters in it.