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Microsoft Cortana v3.1.2.12528 Apk is Available !

Microsoft’s Cortana Cortana for Android Android Assistant

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As Microsoft promised, Cortana released Cortana after the iOS operating system for Android, and this time we’ve prepared it for. In the following, you’ll be more familiar with Cortana.


 What is Cortana – Cortana?

Those using the Windows Phone will certainly know that Curtain is being installed as an audio assistant in this series of phones and in Windows Phone 8.1. Cortana is a software program that Microsoft has launched to compete with Apple’s Siri or Google Now apps.

Cortana has taken over from the Bing search engine, and the results that you see will be received from this search engine.

With Cortana and through voice commands, you can type text, send text messages, create new ones, register appointments, set alarms at the desired time, and more. Of course, Cortana is not a long time to be released, and for this reason, no doubt, there is still room for improvement!

Cortana has the ability to set reminders, detect user’s voice without having to enter predefined commands, and also the ability to respond to user questions, such as atmospheric conditions, traffic conditions, sports scores or biographies of people with Bing.

Cortana is a region that can match and adapt to all languages, cultures, and patterns of speech, for example, the English version of Cortana speaks with British accent and uses British terminology. Cortana adapts to meet the needs of its user and displays relevant information based on the region, such as local teams, businesses, TV series and more.

Introduction to the program environment:

When you first run the Cortana app on your Android phone, you’ll see the following screenshots:


You will need a Microsoft account to get the Cortana for Android installation process on your phone. This is most likely to be complete for Microsoft data on how to install Cortana on the operating system.

Cortana for Android 3


Download files with direct link

Apk – Size: 53.18 MB

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