Powerful Microsoft Edge Browser

Supplied by Microsoft

(Available for Golestan site)

Microsoft does not have a good memory of InterNet Explorer. It began when powerful browsers like Firefox , Chrome and Opera, and … began to compete with the Microsoft browser, and Microsoft did not end up in the competition for a long time. The number of IE supporters has gone down, so Microsoft has stopped hoping for it. But a few years later, the company announced the release of a new browser, which is being unveiled as well, Microsoft Edge Browser!


  • Sync content in the background of the phone
  • All-round management through edges of edges
  • Synchronize information on different devices for this device
  • View and read QR codes
  • Voice Search for faster
  • Have InPrivate mode to increase web browsing security

Microsoft Edge The new browser is Microsoft’s familiar name for the Android operating system. Sometime ago, this browser was released for Windows, and was also pre-installed on Windows 10. The company also recently launched a new version of the Android operating system.

According to the company, the browser has new features and come to compete with the players. All of the features already existed in Internet Explorer are also available on Microsoft . The ability to synchronize information on different devices like Android and Windows, and you can easily access all the information in this version of the Windows version in its Android version. The ability to support voice search is also available in Android , which will make your search much easier and shorter in time; just search what you want to look up to see if you are looking for it.