Managing August Lock on Android with Microsoft Outlook

Supplied by Microsoft

August Luke – Microsoft Outlook is an email management service where you can send and receive emails. This time we have prepared an Android version of this app.



  • All-in-one messaging inbox
  • Having a complete and professional calendar for users to use
  • Ability to add attachments very easy
  • Search and find everything you want

Microsoft Outlook is one of the official Microsoft services for email and account management. With this service, you can have an account from the Microsoft site for you to use for all Microsoft-provided programs. For users who use their Android phone and tablet to manage this account, Microsoft has launched the Microsoft Outlook app for the same operating system by which you can manage your account and email on your mobile phone. .

With this software provided for Android phones and tablets, you can check your inbox or send a new message. There is also the ability to manage sent messages and view them. In this application, you will see an attractive and beautiful environment.