Microsoft Translator Translator app Microsoft Translator Android

Supplied by Microsoft

Smart wrist watch support

The mode of operation is quite similar to the Vieira translator software

Perhaps you’ve come across many times that you’ve traveled to another country, but because you did not know the language of the people in that country, you could not solve your needs and provide the necessary items and necessities. But do not worry, because Microsoft’s powerful translator, Microsoft Translator, will help you solve such problems easily. Of course, there is a Persian version of this software called “Viera” that we can say that this software Microsoft even works better than Vieira!



  • Support for smartwatches; Ability to speak instead of writing for translation by the program
  • If you are not sure about the word mismatch that has been translated, let the program translate it for you!
  • Bookmark bookmarks for later use
  • Sync all translated between clock and mobile

The problem of not speaking in a particular language has always existed for users. These days, we are witnessing the release of various audio software in the field of simultaneous audio translation, many of which do not function well and do not support different words. But this time, we’re going to introduce a Microsoft product called Microsoft Translator, which will allow you to simultaneously translate conversations.

You can use the Microsoft Translator software and use it in different places and locations to translate texts or conversations simultaneously. The software also supports smart wrist watches and allows users to translate texts through their wristwatch. There’s a tip for smartwatch support, the ability to translate words or texts you read for your smartwatch.

Note: This program does not translate from Persian to English in audio, but translates from other languages ​​into Persian.