Mind Games Pro Mental Games 

Very varied and subtle mental games 
Over 20 challenging mental games 

Exercise your brain! Recent studies have proven that mental activity has a profound effect on brain growth and function. Performing mental games is one of these activities, which in this article from As for you beloved users, have set a series of cool and thoughtful games to use your brain and more important to enjoy it. . The Mind Games Pro has been designed by Mindware Consulting and sold for $ 4.99 on the Google Play Store, which can now be downloaded for free.

Download Mind GameFeatures :

  • Calccción of super cute mental games
  • Mental games in different styles
  • Steps and challenging gameplay
  • Minimal and very nice graphics
  • Different puzzles and fun and fun
  • Exercise, practice and increase brain precision
  • Practicing abilities to speed up and flex your brain
  • Various races such as math, memory, directional change, prediction, visual and spatial memory and …

Mind Games Pro : This version of the game is a game of mind games without any additional billboard advertisements that will shake your brain.

An excellent Calcish Games is a collection of games designed based on the principles of psychology and psychology and will help you practice your mental skills. This app contains all the intellectual games and games that are in the mental arena. All of the games in this series save your points as a graph, which makes it easy to grow your performance and increase your brain skills!