Minecraft’s latest version of the game – Pocket Edition Android

One of the most popular of the world on ios and PC and Android! 
With wireless multiplayer capability 
Normal version + Modded version (cracked and full versions)

The most recent official and beta versions are regular

Minecraft --- Pocket-Edition Minecraft MikeCraft

Innovative features and construction capabilities in the gameplay allow actors to create different structures with cubes of different texture in a world of races. Other activities in the game include exploration, resource gathering, craftsmanship and fight.

The gameplay in the MikeCraft game version includes two main modes:

1. Survival mode, in which the players must concentrate on collecting resources and trying to maintain their health and hunger.

2. The creative mode, in which players have an unlimited resource of resources, can fly freely. In this case, there is no degree of health and hunger. There is also a third-party mode called Hardcore, which is similar to Survival mode with a difference in hardness. In this case, the player has only one soul and, after death, is forced to remove the world he has made.

Review of Android game android game

Minecraft has received five awards from the 2011 Developers Conference: the Innovation Award, the best downloadable game, as well as the winner of the best new game from the electoral roll of the game developers and the eleventh prize winner.

The game won the Grand Prix Seumas McNally from the Independent Games Festival in 2011 as well. Mein Kraft also won the Gold Astronomy Award in the best downloadable game in 2012. On April 8, 2013, around 10 million copies were sold, and on Jan. 22, 2013,

In 2014, Microsoft acquired the game with the acquisition of Intellectual Property Corporation. MikeCraft seems to be a pretty pixel-based graphics action game but very addictive and exciting, and it’s interesting to know that the game with the same graphics and with the same display mode has been able to score very good on Google Play 4.5 out of 5 in spite of the price of 7 Got its dollar!

In the game, MikeCraft should use its intelligence and architectural talent, with the provision of various types of appliances and building art to build various buildings.