MiXplorer Advanced File Manager

MiXplorer is a great, full-fledged program or file with super-great features designed and published by an Iranian software company for Android smartphones. Before anything else, it’s interesting to know that the existence of a powerful file manager with many features in the user-friendly environment is important for the Android operating system, which, thankfully, is well suited for it.


MiXplorer file manager features

  • Ability to categorize all phone data based on extensions
  • Ability to display the amount of space used by the phone memory
  • Possibility to customize and choose the desired background color
  • Ability to open unlimited tabs with dual panel view
  • Ability to add tasks with Copy, Move, and Paste commands
  • Has various viewing and classification modes for folders
  • Add custom Favorites by categorizing the file type
  • It has a simple, unambiguous design with professional design

But this time, a rich, powerful Russian file manager named MiXplorer welcomes you to experience the use of the most innovative and most used Android manager file. With this program, in addition to comprehensive management on Fables, it manages all of the application’s color schemes, and you can even specify which options are in the menu’s various programs, and thus be able to build custom skins for it. You will be the program.

You can also read files like PDFs without the need for separate and lateral applications. Other features of this program include the ability to customize and choose the desired background color, the ability to open unlimited tabs, different view modes and category for folders, advanced search function, open zip files in storage Networked, integrated with 19 storage applications, system and installed system management, MP3 tag editor, encryption and so on.