Challenging and challenging MMX Hill Dash 

Unparalleled gameplay with superb graphics 
More than 5,000,000 active installations in Google Play 

The craziest, most addictive and fun game built based on the true physics of hiking trekking! The MMX Hill Dash game is a race between giant cars called the Monster Tracks. The game earns a good score and, without saying that the gameplay has a hard time, you must have a professional player, or you will miss the game because of difficulty. So now get ready for a highly engaging and challenging game and get into the unrivaled tournament!

Download game MMX Hill Climb
atributies :

  • Upgrade your car and rule in the Scoreboard
  • Race against your friends and fight for the best
  • Trucks of different kinds and cars with different cars
  • Racing with a variety of Big Rig cars, Tanks, Classic Masl …
  • Unparalleled audio and video effects with simple and smooth controls
  • Excellent graphics plus new and different items
  • Support for multiple languages ​​with Achievements and Scoreboard

MMX Hill Climb, which became known as the MMX Hill Dash in April’s upgrade, has not been fully described by the studio itself, the Hutch Games , and is more than likely invited to try it once, but what’s certain. , Is that in this game you will compete with hundreds of players and enjoy the beautiful music that is in the game.

Of course, the gameplay is not just a straight path, and there are a number of different obstacles that you have to deal with with their special skills. Press the accelerator pedal, increase your speed and win one-on-one races. The game has a lot of unique charms and features, and most importantly, it runs on exclusive cars.