Mobi Calculator Calculator

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Mobi Calculator is a very professional and powerful calculator for Android phones that allows users to perform all mathematical calculations.This software is very professional designed to allow you to perform various mathematical calculations. The user-friendly and awesome design of the Mobi Calculator app will no doubt surprise you!



  • Ability to compute mathematical expressions
  • Calculate percent ( discount calculation, tax, tip)
  • Radical mode (HEX / BIN / OCT)
  • Time calculation (two modes)
  • Trigonometric functions . Radians and degrees with DMS capabilities
  • Logarithm and other functions
  • Calculate history and memory
  • Has different skins
  • Big buttons
  • User-friendly interface
  • High personalization capability

Pro version features:

– Ability to save calculations done in memory

– Ability to edit lines up to 5 lines on the screen of the phone

– New and beautiful skins