Sharing printers with the phone by Mobile Print – PrinterShare

Available for all printers + ordinary printers

As you know, these days we see the availability of printers that can print wirelessly. These printers receive images through wireless (Bluetooth and Wi-Fi) and print them without wires being connected to them. In this way you will even be able to print and print images for such printers through the phone. PrinterShare Mobile Print is a program for printing various documents on mobile phones. With this software you will be able to send your images to your printer through the phone and print them.


PrinterShare Premium features

  • Prints DOC, DOCX, XLS, XSLX, PPT, PPTX, PDF, TXT formats as well as emails, images, messages, call reports and web pages.
  • Direct connection to bluetooth and wired printers without the need for a computer
  • Connect to a printer via USB
  • Connect to a printer through the Windows client
  • Advanced print settings such as paper size and …

Note: The new version of the program has a Windows client by which you can share your printer from any kind of remotely and wirelessly and send a print using the handset.

Learn to install and use Windows client

  1. Install and run the client on Windows.
  2. From the User menu, select the Login option and create a new account using the Create New Account option.
  3. Your half user is displayed at the top of the program as a number that can not be changed.
  4. Select your favorite printers and share them by choosing Share.
  5. Run the program on your phone and select the Select Printer option from the menu.
  6. Connect to a client by selecting Remote Printer and send your prints.