Different games are being developed and released for the Android operating system, with which you can experience some fascinating and exciting moments. Simulation games can also give you moments that your real world experience is impossible to portray.

Bigfoot Monster Hunter is an awesome simulation game created and published by OneTonGames. Existence of great and dangerous creatures is one of the perpetual fears of humans, which always comes to them when they enter the dark and quiet places, but in fact they know that fear is futile. But in the world of computer games, anything is possible. The story starts from the time when reports of missing people are published in one of the northern forests, and after a few days the bodies of these people are found. Apparently the big and terrifying big man has done this. Now you have to enter the deadlock as a brave hunter and look for this scary being.

Bigfoot Monster Hunter Download game Alien Monster Hunter

The game features Bigfoot Monster Hunter

  • Excellent game graphics
  • Surfing in a scary forest
  • Search for horror scrolls
  • Providing various facilities and equipment such as spy cameras, bear traps, bearish guns, flashlights and …
  • Going to the scary and hard conditions
  • Attractive and exciting gameplay
  • There are three levels of difficulty to play
  • different levels
  • And other features

As stated above, the Bigfoot Monster Hunter is an awesome simulation game that can simulate a hunting activity for your horror scene. You can surf in a very dangerous and scary environment such as the dreaded forest, and take care every moment to keep your monster free. You will also have various hunting equipment and weapons, and you have not been sent a hack to this dangerous mission. The game has three levels of difficulty that, after completing the game in the easiest mode, you can do it again in very difficult situations.