The latest version of the Blocky Farm game for Android

Different games are being released for the Android operating system, with which you can set your own moments well. Some games give you the opportunity to be the manager of a suite or area and you can manage different items by doing different tasks.

Blocky Farm is an awesome entertainment game created and published by the Jet Toast Design Studio. This fascinating game allows you to manage a beautiful and large farm. You will take control of your farm and you must try to grow it. Your farm is made up of different parts in which you can grow animals and produce different crops. It will be up to you to sell and transfer them, and you have to bring them to your destination by using their cars, so that you can earn revenue.

Blocky Farm Download the block farm game

Blocky Farm game features

  • Manage your farm
  • Providing food to nearby towns
  • Harvesting by tractor by you
  • Very beautiful and attractive graphics
  • Doing full game play
  • Charming and simple gameplay
  • Play with your pets
  • Different work for recreation
  • Perform the game at any moment and anywhere
  • Land management and product manufacturing
  • Going to the city and surfing in it
  • And other features

As stated above, Blocky Farm is an awesome fun game that lets you manage a large, beautiful farm on your phone. Our task is to provide you with the needs of the surrounding towns and you need to do this task with a timely pick up and delivered at the moment of the productsmanufactured by them. You must also harvest your own tractor with your own farm animals.