Ball Dancer and Dancing Ballz: Music Line

Dancing Ballz: Music Line is a new and entertaining arcade game with a mix of music designed and released for Android platforms. Here you will be able to control the musical notes by pressing and touching the screen, and you will be able to quickly and precisely focus on the process. Whatever it is, the game is another trace of the famous AMANOTES company, which can well offer you a mixed mix of music lines.

Dancing Ballz: Music Line


  • Has a variety of sound with excellent notes
  • It has different and exciting stages with optimal design
  • Includes new and modern tunes with excellent sound
  • Ability to open new themes with colored backgrounds
  • The ability to direct the ball and its rotation by the music

Like the other musical games, the Dancing Ballz: Music Line also gives you the speed and precision you need to be, with the speed and precision of your finger or your finger, touch the screen and play the music. Pay 100% for the different stages. So that the rhythm starts its first move and you have to control it. It does not look so difficult, but in fact it’s not very easy. As you hit the screen, just follow the rhythm and path, and do not fall and listen to music, change your path or jump and do not touch around and guide the ball to fit the rhythm of the ball and quickly steps Scroll and earn points. You can also view your score on the global charts, and this can be a good incentive to continue playing and repeating its multiple steps. The gameplay and game sounding, in turn, are commendable and can bring you beautiful and fun moments.