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[MOD] Dictator: Revolt Mod v1.5.13 Apk is Available !

An intriguing and entertaining dictator riot Dictator: Revolt

Dictator: Revolt is the name of a fascinating and entertaining strategy game with unique gameplay developed by the Tigrido gaming company for Android smartphone operating systems. In this fascinating game, you are the first decision maker. Take on the role of the dictator of the newly formed Democratic Republic Party and not allow the people to rebel. With its predetermined power, stop any anti-government rebellion and prove your rule. In general, you should not let the people of the country revolution, because you are the legitimate dictator of your country .

Dictator: Revolt


  • Ability to use a variety of tools to destroy the enemy
  • Have several missions to do
  • Has 1,000 decisive decisions
  • Very exciting gameplay
  • Unique and unique design

The main task and the true purpose of Dictator: Revolt is to remain as a dictator for many years to come. Remember that in this popular game, there are 1,000 important decisions that you need to take on these decisions in a timely manner and see the result in your country. Do not forget that your rule is completely legitimate and legal. So do not let people rebel against your rule. It is worth noting that the game has a high-profile graphics, and your account is fascinated by your fantasy graphics.

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