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[MOD] Rally Racer Dirt v1.5.9 Apk

The incredibly beautiful and attractive Rally Racer Dirt game 

Beautiful graphics with lots of fun gameplay 

Regular version + Modded version

Over 50,000,000 million players worldwide 

Beautiful Rally game with super real drifts 

Rally Rally is a juggernaut game based on Rally Racing games and is not a type of traffic racer! Rally Racer Dirt can be played in different modes such as climbing the hill, flying asphalt and real drift in the soil. The Rally Rally Games depicts the real control of the car with stunning graphics to bring the game closer to reality.

Rally Racer Dirt

Features of the game Rally Racer Dirt:

  • Play in multiplayer mode and in real time
  • 8 types of different rally cars
  • Anti-roll fitting cars, driver’s height and grip
  • The ability to upgrade your car and drive
  • Various environments such as asphalt, sand, grass and drainage in real physics
  • The physics and control of the machines are carefully adjusted
  • Ability to play in 3 modes: Challenge mode, Survival mode and Multiplayer mode

The game of Rally Rally includes three challenge modes, survival and multiplayer, which we review all three modes. In Survival Mode: You have to drag, so that you can continue to the point where you can go to the checkpoint and save the game. In Challenge mode, you have 30 different challenges that you must win at every stage. And in real-time multiplayer mode (along with other players), you compete with friends or in real time with other real players! Enjoy this game with real graphics and physics from the environment and cars and assume yourself like Block Block and Colin McRae!

The official game trailer or program


-Fix and changes on ads

-Privacy Policy is updated

-Fix and changes on displaying ads

-Bug Fix 
-Menu arrangements 
-Google Play Game Services SDK and android SDK update

-Bug Fix

-New Vehcile (RSRX) Added

-Daily Bonus Added 
-Challange Mode rearranged as Carrier Mode. 
-You can continue by money or video on carrier failure. 
-Lots of bug fix

Download files with direct link

Apk – Size: 55.98 MB

Mod – Size: 56.58 MB

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