Different games are being developed and released for the Android operating system, some of which offer you a more attractive environment for users. Maybe these games have a very special design and high graphics, but their attractive gameplay can make you entertained alone.

Smash Chase is an awesome racing game developed and published by the Gear42 Studio’s Play Studio. This fascinating game has a very simple design and its graphics are designed to be acceptable. But the cool thing about this gameplay game is that you can create exciting and challenging moments for you. You can start the game by choosing different cars and go to the streets. Your car is at high speed and you’re always in ruins. But the police are not overwhelmed by you and the police cars will be in your midst, so you have to speed up and run away.

Smash Chase download game Chase and Crash

Features of Smash Chase

  • There are so many different cars
  • Ability to drive tanks and trucks
  • A large and large universe that runs randomly
  • There are different places like airports or different centers
  • Each car has different behaviors
  • Possibility to upgrade your system
  • Chase and escape with police cars
  • There are various explosions and accidents
  • The presence of a plane
  • Very good design
  • Attractive and exciting gameplay
  • And other features

As stated above, Smash Chase is an awesome racing game that lets you create some fun moments by installing it. There are lots of cars and even a tank for you, which lets you start the game by choosing each one and keep your heart on the endless streets that go on automatically.Police are quickly approaching you and the streets have a brief traffic at any moment.