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[MOD] Vegas Crime Simulator v2.8 Apk

The latest version of the Vegas Crime Simulator for Android

Different games are being developed for Android and you can get different gameplay by installing them. Free world games allow you to surf and explore easily in a virtual world.

The Vegas Crime Simulator is an awesome simulation game for Android released and released by Naxeex LLC, a game studio that we’ve seen so far. By installing this fascinating game, you can go to Vegas and spend some time exploring it. Like other free world games you are completely abandoned in this game and you can go to different parts of the city. But unlike other games, you can get extraordinary powers in our game too. It is possible to steal various cars and also use various weapons in the game.

Vegas Crime Simulator Download the intriguing crime simulator in Vegas

Vegas Crime Simulator features

  • Very nice 3D graphics
  • A free world title
  • Possibility to steal cars
  • Use a variety of weapons
  • Exciting gameplay
  • Use different clothes
  • The possibility of using war robots
  • Ride on giant cars
  • Being able to become superheroes like my super
  • Conflict with police and army
  • The use of convertible machines to robots
  • Existence of creativity in the game
  • And other features

As stated above, Vegas Crime Simulator is an awesome simulation game that lets you explore the city freely. Unlike other free world games, this game has many creations. You can try to steal the cars of the city and try different weapons. There is the possibility of using convertible machines and you can ride a car in a moment and turn the car into a robot by pushing a button.

The possibility of being superheroes is also in play, and you can be featured as well-known movie characters and access to their super powers.You can fly in the air by selecting Super I and using your forces to fight enemies. Police and army forces are always in your pursuit and you have to struggle hard with them.

Screenshots of the game or the program
The official game trailer or program


Download files with direct link

Apk – Size: 97.61 MB

Mod – Size: 100.05 MB

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