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[MOD] Zombie Tsunami v3.6.3 Apk is Available !

Zombie Tsunami Zombie Tsunami popular game

Nearly 500,000,000 million downloads from Google Play

Zombie Tsunami is a fun popular that more than 4 million times on Google Play has attracted user comments. The game nearly 500,000,000 million downloads on Google Play has certainly reflect the amount of download and opinions gameplay game play. The game is designed by Mobigame SARL Game Studios and released for free download.

Download Zombie Tsunami

Features :

  • Unique and addictive gameplay
  • 10 power possible to get useful
  • Upgrade and release of various features
  • The possibility of enhancing the character of the game
  • The possibility of playing in 300 missions attractive
  • Play in 11 different locations
  • Compatible with all phones and tablets

About the game Zombie Tsunami

No zombie games so that you will have to destroy it ran the game, but this game is totally different with them is that you as zombies and you have to force your opponent to eliminate. 300 mission will be a fantastic game definitely requires a lot of time. With great gameplay and the game can run in 11 different locations and entertain himself for long hours. This game is one of the most popular games on Google Play fun and different sites that you can now play perfectly healthy version of the site “the best Android” for free.

The game features HD graphics, which you will run the game in a 2D environment. Sound like fun and games, in turn, is exemplary.

Zombie Tsunami 3
Zombie Tsunami 1
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