Giant Racing Cars and Monster Trucks Racing Monster Trucks

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In this game you will be riding on a variety of different monsters and you will have to overcome your opponents, who are online users around the world, and leave behind one another behind the championships and entertain yourself for hours.

Monster Trucks Racing


  • Ability to learn driving skills by overcoming various obstacles, such as a trailer, a path ring and …
  • The ability to display ultra-realistic monsters at the end of the tournament with 360 degree rotation
  • Compete with friends and other powerful and professional players from all over the world
  • Possibility to perform competitions in multiplayer or individual
  • Ability to upgrade speed, power, stability for progress in the game
  • Ability to choose between a variety of unique trucks
  • Excellent graphics and breathtaking sounding with circular physics,Read Also..

As you know, Monster Trucks Racing is based on the popular Monster Trucks movie from Paramount Pictures, where you can ride in a variety of locations around the world.

Experience a different ride from the big and small hills, compete with players all over the world and top the world’s users, control and upgrade speed, stability, power and other cars to win all competitions, driving skills By overcoming various obstacles, including ring paths, the 360-degree monstrous car display to inspire the excitement of the finest machine game and … It’s something that distinguishes this game from other similar games and has taken a major step in popularity.

Get your foot on the gas, fly in the air, accelerate to get to the highest speed, compete with your friends, and race to become the ultimate monster truck race with the best in the world. It’s worth mentioning that in the game, the Adrenalin burns monster trucks with realistic physics-based HD graphics and compete in top-notch graphic environments alongside the world’s best drivers.