MONZO The title of another MADFINGER Games game that has already been popular with the Dead Trigger series has been so popular.MONZO has an interesting and almost strange style that you probably have not seen like in a lot of games. You become a mechanical engineer in this game and you can get different pieces of machinery.


atributies :

  • High graphics and large details with zoom and zoom capabilities
  • Different and fun gameplay
  • Ability to use a large number of kits (pieces) for making machines
  • There are more than 30 car models of a variety of machines, such as cars, planes, tanks, ships, weapons and …
  • The ability to simulate and use different parts and build a completely personalized model
  • Has 30 colored pillars
  • It has 8 types of labels and the ability to use different designs on the body of machines
  • The ability to build and simulate famous flying machines by Leonardo da Vinci
  • The ability to simulate dinosaurs


MONZO is the name of the simulation game in the entertainment style of MADFINGER Games, the country of the Czech Republic. In this game, you have to design different machines and make various models using kits or mechanical parts. Although the style of the game seems a little strange, it must be said that the imagination and strategy of each person plays an important role in this game, and this style of thinking has made this game unlike its awesome and funny appearance, it’s awesome and entertaining. Be

In the game MONZO you can design a lot with the kits you have. For example, you can reconstruct and plan cars, tanks, planes, helicopters, ships, weapons, or even our dinosaurs before the date. First, you have to build the main body of your design and shape the so-called skeleton.Then you can complete it by placing more pieces.

After completing the internal section of these models, you can begin to edit its appearance. With your taste, and of course, with the help of dozens of default models of real models in the game, you can create the appearance of your car or plan. In this case, you can use different stickers and coloring pads.

Perhaps at first glance, simulating a very complicated device. Even some users may think that the game is special for senior mechanical engineering students, but it should be said that this is not the case, and MONZO’s game is more fun. Do not worry about being complicated.At the beginning of the game, the video tutorial gives you the best possible training and makes you familiar with the style of the game. With a little time to spend, you can become more familiar with the game and identify more of it.

The APKTOPS group has prepared a fun MONZO game for users to download. For more information about the game, see the video of the official trailer from the “Video View” section.