Extremely beautiful and very exciting Mortal Kombat X game

The first official release of the Mortal Kombat series for Android operating systems 
Mobile version of Mortal Kombat X game consoles and PC with similar features 
Exotic and unexplainable graphics with nice gameplay in combat style 
Warner Bros. International Enterprises

It comes with a regular version and a mod and mega mode for 4 different processors 
Together with the data file + video of the official trailer of the game 
With site exclusive review 
Nearly 50 million downloads in Google Play

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The name Mortal Kombat is one of the five top names in the list of games of all ages without exaggeration! A name that has been backed up by over two decades of honor. Mortal Kombat is the title of a series of very memorable fighting games that has been popular among fans of video games since 1992. The game is so popular that there is no doubt that there are no gamers who have not experienced at least one or two versions of the Mortal Kombat games series.

After the release of 20 different versions by various companies, the new Mortal Kombat X series, which was unveiled in mid-2013, was officially released in April of 2015 for PS4, Xbox One, PC consoles. For the first time in the history of Mortal Kombat, the official version of the same game was released for mobile platforms, iOS and Android, in which we are going to introduce the Android version of this game. Join with this controversial game.

Mortal Kombat X v1.17.0 Download the fantastic Mortal Kombat X + game

Features of the Mortal Kombat X Android

  • Extremely high graphics in the console gaming graphics
  • Unparalleled and highly professional gameplay
  • The presence of popular Mortal Kombat characters like Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Johnny Cage and …
  • Added new characters
  • It has a fictional story and the sequel to the Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition
  • With professional and breathtaking struggles
  • Ability to use special movements, combo, various forces and …
  • The ability to perform Fatality and X-Ray with stunning kinematic effects
  • Has a Multiplayer and online gaming feature

Introducing the revolutionary title of Mortal Kombat and a look at its history

Mortal Kombat was first released in 1992 on the Nintendo or Micro console by Midway. After a year, in 1993, the developers released the second version of the game for the Nintendo console, as well as the Mega Drive or Sega. Mortal Kombat II quickly became popular, and since there were not many games to compete in those years, it was able to slip away. If we were right, the graphics, gameplay and overall content of the game were fairly straightforward from the beginning, and this was a novelty for the players.

The growing popularity of Mortal Kombat’s series of games made the builders build a new version every two or two years. Between 1992 and 2015, 21 different versions of the Mortal Kombat series have been released, which are among record-breaking video games. With the release of the sixth and seventh generation of consoles, the fictional part of the game series has a new smell. The new versions for these consoles saw some fascinating stories about the history of Mortal Kombat. This trend has continued exponentially, and to date, all of the new MK versions have their own stories.

But since 2011, the storyline of the game was developed by a group of professionals, and its main plans were put in a series of successes.After the launch of the Mortal Kombat 9 or Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition in 2012, with a fantastic epic and dramatic storyline, after 3 years, the new Mortal Kombat X was released. The Mortal Kombat X is fictional, followed precisely from the MK Komplete Edition.

The MK series is familiar to everyone and there is no need to explain the features of this game. But in short, this game should be considered a game in the style of fighting or fighting. All parts of the game in all versions are tone campaigns. The popular characters of this game remain the same from the first edition to the twenty-first edition. Of course, in different versions, we have seen the presence of new characters, many of which were only in a single version. One of the main reasons for this is that the MK series of games was produced by more than 8 different companies and published by 4 different companies.

From the first to the end, Mr. Ed Boom has been featured as one of MK’s most influential personalities. He has played a vital role in the game as the lead supervisor and director of all versions, as well as the double player, personality designer and more. It should also be noted that the popularity of the game has led to the creation of several artworks and cinematic films.

One of the main features of the game, which is likely to be one of the main reasons for its popularity, as well as the first version so far, is the high percentage of violence that can not be found in any other game. In this game you can destroy your opponent in different ways. You can split him! Burn it! Blow up! And … It relates to the specific skills and fatalities of each character. Unfortunately, although game makers repeatedly repeat that the game is not suitable for children and under-17s, the MK audience is still among children and adolescents.

Play Mortal Kombat X

The Mortal Kombat X will undoubtedly be one of the most powerful versions of Mortal Kombat. In the official trailer of this game, the deadly scorpion and the sub-zero fight are seen. The two ancient enemies that the authors and authors of the game have made these two characters a major symbol of the MK. Mortal Kombat X has added many characters, one of the most controversial of which is Cassie Cage, the daughter of Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade.

The Mortal Kombat X story is also followed after the MK 9 story. Where after Shaikh Shao Kahn’s destruction by Raiden, Shinnok and Quan Chi are taking power. Years after the earthquake struck by Netherrealm with earthrealm or bodyguards, Shinnok and Quan Chi laid Shao Kahn’s foot and attacked Earthrealm with a massive army. You, who are in the role of bodyguards of the earth, have to face this devilish army. There are lots of fascinating and epic adventures behind the Mortal Kombat X story.

The Mortal Kombat X is powered by NetherRealm Studios and High Voltage Software Studios. This game is made by the new generation of Unreal Engine 3 game engines. The Mortal Kombat X maker for the first time and officially released its new version in addition to game consoles and PCs, this time for Android and iOS platforms. These versions are completely similar in content, but they are somewhat different in terms of graphics and gameplay.

While comparing the graphics of the game consoles with Android and iOS platforms is almost meaningless, the Mortal Kombat X has shaken the base and its mobile version is highly graphical and attractive, and due to its high level, it can not be Compare with other mobile games.Not only graphics but super-spectacular effects and graphic scenes like Fatality or X-Ray have also made the quality and similarity of a mobile version more tangible with the original version. Also in this beautiful game you can use special movements, special and technical fans, combo or multiple blows, special forces and more. Mortal Kombat X is available for free, but with in-app purchases on Google Play.

The minimum system needed to run this game

  • At least 2-core processor with a frequency of 1.2 GHz
  • Rome 1 gigabyte
  • Separate graphics and preferably new-generation graphics
  • Approximately 2 gigabytes of free space

Note: According to age ratings and violent content, the game is not recommended for anyone under 17 years of age.