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Movie Mate Pro v6.7 Apk is Available !

Access Movie Mate Pro Movie Database

A very special offer for cinema enthusiasts 
Purchased version and full app

Movie Mate Pro is a perfect program for anyone looking for and interested in the world of cinema. This software will give you complete information about each movie, along with its critique, so you can always have full access to them and can view them at any time. Movie Mate Pro has one of the most complete archives among similar programs.



  • Get weekly notifications to receive new movie info
  • Supports trakt.tv!
  • View the top titles of the Office Box, Offering and DVD Releases
  • Ability to search among movie names to find a specific movie
  • Display IMDB scores
  • View complete information about movies such as director’s name, actors, year of sale, sale, format, …
  • Ability to put comments for each movie like a “review”
  • See reviews related to each movie
  • Create custom lists, watch listings, watch videos
  • Show movie trailers via the YouTube website
  • Ability to work offline
  • Designed as Material

Features of the PRO version:

  • No ads!
  • Opening Sans for 13 different cities
  • Score Metacritc

Watching movies on the day is one of many people’s hobbies. There are so many people who have a lot of interest in accessing the world of film archives and they like to find out about the latest movies that are being released. We propose Movie Mate Pro for this category. This app will allow you to access the latest news from the world of cinema.

In this application, the name of the new movie with cover, trailer, full information about it and … will be displayed to users and users can access them. New information on this software will be displayed weekly for users through the announcement so that you never miss the latest news about movies.

With this software, you will also have access to complete information about each movie. With Movie Mate Pro, you can easily view information such as the names of the actors involved in the movie, the names of movie agents such as the director, the producer, etc., the playtime, the original film’s capital, movie sales, etc. Also in the professional version of this app, which we have prepared for iPad, we will have the ability to see the location of the movie appearances in 13 cities of the world, although we should note that the name of Iran is not on the list.

Reviews made for each movie are also visible in Movie Mate Pro. This can be very useful for Iranian and foreign critics and even those who are interested in watching and reading critiques for films. The critique of any of the movies in the Movie Mate Pro program is complete. There is also a review of the users’ comments in the comments section of each movie. You can also comment on this movie for any movie!

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