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MY LITTLE PONY v3.0.0l MOD Apk is Available !

The latest version MY LITTLE PONY games for Android

Another masterpiece from the company Gameloft

With copy mode

MY LITTLE PONY games to large companies and famous Loft Gameloft has released on Google Play for Android OS that has more than 50 million installer has however been able to allocate Score 4.3 from 5.0. The story is about Pony ville is out to conquer the moon is your turn to with their beautiful horses after months and let its light shine to the ground and the inhabitants of the land and the people wish to meet.



  • It has beautiful horses
  • There are various mini-games to play
  • A charming and colorful environment
  • Addictive gameplay
  • Stunning graphics and unparalleled

MY LITTLE PONY months by the character in the game named Pony ville years and centuries that is locked to the ground does not shine the light of hope that a lot of people over the years have not been met aspirations of the people, but none Is. He has sent people there to your village to capture both. Your role in this game with beautiful horses, each with its own unique features go to war with people who want their village you from it. In addition, you must pay to take care of the village and it should be extended to larger and larger. To expand the village you will be given different tools that can help them. With the expansion of the village can get new items that one of these items is new and beautiful horses. The game is designed intriguing mini-games that you can enjoy them and be entertained for hours. You can collect coins and fruit at each stage of the route to achieve high scores. In this game features and items placed up to you if you can buy them with real money, but in the entire game for free and there is no charge. The game’s graphics are stunning and colorful with fine detail is provided to you to absorb. Without a doubt, this game can keep you entertained for hours its own.

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