My Singing Monsters is an entertaining and entertaining game

Points in Google Play: 4.5 out of 5 – 50 million times downloaded only from Google Play

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Note: Online game and need internet

My Singing Monsters is an exciting and popular online game, and of course it’s a collection of games with a great ranking and highscore downloads on Google Play. In this game you are in the role of a monster whose duty is to find and join your friend and group, which is an orchestra group, on an almost deserted island in absolute silence by the sounds and types of signs and addresses that you have in your hands. .

My Singing Monsters

Other members of your group in this game also include all sorts of monsters from the ugly and scary monsters to scary and sweet monsters that you can even combine with a combination of both the top monster race you are looking for. To create your own orchestra very quickly, get together. With this account, you can make your own orchestra’s team able to learn and play quickly and professionally, so that they can make you better. Of course, you can also be embarrassed by your monsters because if you read the biographies of each one, you will find that each one is interested in one thing and if you give it the object, they are harder and more complicated. They play for you and get more money for you.

atributies :

  • There are over 30 different monsters in the game
  • Extremely HD graphics and awesome
  • Excellent and professional soundtrack
  • Stunning animation and sound effects
  • The ability to mix the race of monsters and create a new monster
  • Exciting and addictive and very entertaining

Despite its 49MB volume, My Singing Monsters is very popular and graphic as it has been involved with just 50 million users on Google Play.So maybe you’re one of the enthusiasts if you can experience it. To download the latest version of this fantastic game, read the rest of this post from the top Android site.