Play the cat my spokesman Tom My Talking Tom

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With a fashion version

When it was released for the first time, the entertaining and engaging Cat of the Spy for Android smartphones, it really was a bit of a welcome reception. At that time, the game, which always existed as the constant foot of all smartphones, was the same as the cat’s spokesman. By and large, many games were created to imitate the spokes’ cat, but none of them succeeded in gaining the cat’s achievement. This time on site, we are going to introduce one of the main versions of the cats of the spokeswoman, My Talking Tom. The spokes’ cat is back to keep you entertained for hours!


Features of Tom Cat’s Speak

  • Performing more than 10 mini-games of fun, such as Happy Connect, Bubble Shooter, Planet Hop … and Gold Recipes
  • Capture and view videos with the ability to share videos on social networks or via Bluetooth, Shriya, Zapia and …
  • Take care of Tom: play and entertain him, eat with his favorite foods, take Tom to bed and …
  • View the status of your friends, as well as other players who play My Talking Tom
  • There are several different ways for Tom to make Tom feel happy, angry, sleepy, dull and … during the game.
  • Customize the look of Tom with over 1,000 different items you can buy for Tom

Tom is a lovely cat that you can not play with and you do not fall in love!

My Talking Tom is a spokeswoman for Tom Cat’s series in which a cat you like can entertain you a lot of hours. In this game you can count on Tom as a friend. You can play with Tom and entertain yourself like a lovely pet. You can give Tom a meal, take him to the bathroom if he gets dirty, if Tom gets tired, take her to bed in bed to rest, and if you feel bored, play with him to be swept away. You can use different items in the game to bring the look of Tom into your own personal taste, and you can completely customize it.