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NEO Scavenger v1.2.2 Apk is Available !

Awesome and repetitive game of escape from death and trying to survive NEO Scavenger

NEO Scavenger is a very uncompromising and inspirational gameplay in the classic and strategic roleplaying game developed by Blue Bottle Games for Android smartphones. In this fascinating game, you have to stay alive enough to find someone. At various stages and in different environmental conditions, you must decide where and where to go and how to deal with everything and anyone with whom you are going to go. Remember, as the game progresses, with each passing moment, the cavity grows up in your abdomen, your body gets worse, your muscles are powerless and you will need more effort to survive. The strength of your body and your wits are the only tools that you have at your time. So use them well. 

NEO Scavenger


  • Explore the subject of fiction and travel to a world full of mystery
  • Unique design and exemplary design
  • Unique and addicting gameplay with stunning graphics
  • Realistic physics in the deserts of forests and …
  • It has night and day mode and constantly changes the temperature of the weather
  • Has professional maps and their ability to hide them
  • A perfect simulation game feels like thirst, hunger, cold and …
  • Move to ruins, hills, woods and plains in different seasons
  • The possibility of experiencing an overwhelming disease in a remote area

Many maps, including the location of ruins, creatures, climates, and so on, are applied randomly at each NEO Scavenger game.Get ready for the challenge at the end of the day. This popular and powerful game, during these tasks, will analyze the vital signs of your body, which you should also control. Decrease in body secretions can be death for you. You will have unique settings that you can use to your advantage. With the many abilities you have, open the breathtaking lock and discover the secrets and identity of the game. The game’s conditions are very real, and this is also admired and has taken a major step in the popularity of the game. It’s interesting to know that night and day mode is in play, and the air temperature is constantly changing, and you may experience rain, snow, and sunburn. So you should seek refuge for yourself. Moving to ruins, hills, woods and plains in a professional map and changing the height and daylight are other features of this stunning game. 

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