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NetX PRO v3.1.0.0 Apk is Available !

Display devices connected to the Wi-Fi NetX

NetX set of useful tools network. This application is for those who are dealing with the Internet and the network is a good option and excellent. We will continue to introduce functionality of the application.



  • Show IP address location on the map
  • View seller’s IP address
  • Backup drive or folder in Google Local
  • Scanners for use of the most used ports
  • View Wi-Fi and the signal it
  • Load offline network of all devices that have already been identified

One of the main features in the app, there NetX view and view the status of Wi-Fi and the signal it is. The software is able to show you all available Wi-Fi networks to connect to the best and the strongest available Wi-Fi. Possible to get information about IP addresses available in this program.

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