The Nova Launcher Prime launches the final and final version 

Android Lollipop effects in the new release 
TeslaUnread plugin

This launcher is recommended by Android’s top …

You can use the launcher to change the look of your phone. By launching the launcher on the phone, you will experience a completely new look that will take your phone out of a rhythm. So far, has introduced a number of launcher launches, and this time we intend to introduce one of the top Android launcher Nova Launcher.

Without a doubt and without exaggeration, Nova Launcher is one of the best and most powerful Android launcher, which has a very high speed. The appearance of this launcher is very beautiful and different. The Launcher offers many options for customization, with which you can create the look you want.

If you are looking for a lightweight lantern with extensive features, we recommend that you never miss the Nova Launcher.



  • Increase the number of pages on your screen home screen up to 9 pages
  • Supports other launcher theme icons
  • Keep all your favorite apps on the dock
  • Set the number of icons in the width and width of the page
  • Add any number of custom widgets to the dock
  • 8 different effects on moving home screens
  • Set the transparency level of the menu pages
  • Hide icon labels

Hints :

  1. To install the TeslaUnread plugin, install it as an installation file, after installing the original software to add this feature to your launcher. This version is only installed on Android 4.4.
  2. Before installing the new version, first delete the previous version completely.
  3. This is the final version and crack.

Exclusive patch:

With this patch, you can easily convert the free version of this launcher to the Prime version. This patch needs rout. For patch, install the free version of Launcher and run the patch. Then select the Patch option and wait for the Launcher to crack. To install new launcher updates, first run the patch and select the UPDATE FIX option. Then install the new version and select the Patch option again.