Troubleshooting Vehicle and Doctor Car OBD Car Doctor

As the name implies, the OBD Car Doctor is a self-diagnostic program or, in other words, your car doctor, designed and published by the Mobile Developed Studio for Android smartphones. Using the capabilities of this program, check the real-time parameters of your engine and vehicle, including speed, rotation, temperature, pressure and more.

OBD Car Doctor


  • Engine light control, reading and erasing codes
  • Includes recording parameters in background mode
  • View and submit parameter registrations
  • Ability to create an account with the option to sign up through the program
  • It has fuel economy parameters and calculates them
  • Having multiple supported sensor information
  • Featuring a simple and flimsy user interface with Hajj

OBD Car Doctor can read real-time and stored parameters from the ECU of OBD-II compliant cars, and will also allow you to read data from cars with ECU 2. Also included in this software are a variety of charts that you can use them to your advantage. Other features of this software include controlling engine light, reading and erasing stored error codes, matching data, recording parameters in background, viewing and sending parameter registrations, creating accounts with the option to register through the program, Fuel economy parameters, multiple information sensors supported, and so on. Use this app as a physician to protect your car and troubleshoot it.