Ocean Is Home: Survival Island Another frustration game on the island with offline play

Ocean Is Home: Survival Island is another adventure game developed by the Birdy Dog Studio. Playing with the age of 16+ on Google Play has been downloaded for the game, which won the score of 4.1 out of 5. Ocean Is Home: Survival Island is designed for your complete freedom from an island where you can use the items that are considered for you and find your way to survival or escape. Construction in this game is also possible to build your home on this island.

Download Ocean Is Home: Survival Island

atributies :

  • Ability to find the route to escape from the island
  • Build your own home to better equip
  • Hunting for survival and eliminating hunger
  • Use advanced game design systems
  • Use shipping items in the game
  • Access to stone and wood and …
  • Compatible with all types of phones and tablets

Introducing Ocean Is Home: Survival Island

Ocean Is Home: Survival Island can not be an adventure game, but in this game you can enjoy construction and management games and use any method to survive on this island. For example, you can use animals to make food or use rock and wood to build houses and other sectors.Ocean Is Home: Survival Island has great graphics and sound. The game uses advanced design systems that can bring your entertainment.