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Omni Swipe Prime v2.33 Apk is Available !

Omni Swipe down menu application for Android phones

Premium version and the full program

For faster access to frequently used programs

With the ability to optimize and speed up its phone

Omni Swipe up interesting and useful application for Android smartphones that with the possibility of adding a spectacular menu on your mobile, you will have Gvvshy corner.



  • Get instant access to the most used apps
  • Get instant access to favorite programs
  • Access to the phone’s main application
  • Ability to optimize the phone quickly by closing open applications
  • Looks very attractive and stylish phone
  • Various customization menu section

Omni Swipe is a very interesting application that is a drop-down menu to one of the corners will be added to your phone. The menu has several tabs that can set them yourself, but in the case of default tabs include widely used applications, programs, settings, and programs that are of interest to add custom applications to each of these you’ll sectors. You can simply imagine any of the programs or games that use the more of them you have added to the menu and just touching the corner, and you can access the menu of applications to use it.

Omni Swipe app is a widget that will add the application to your phone’s home screen can quickly increase your mobile phone.To do this it is enough on this little widget on the right is the default mode and will display a number as a percentage (the number indicates the amount of RAM is) Click to plans mobile phones have been running in the background to close and thus saw the empty space occupied RAM, and boost the speed of your mobile phone.


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