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Orange Squeeze v2.1.8 Apk is Available !

The new and functional Orange Squeeze professional music player

Orange Squeeze is a useful and useful program for managing custom audio and music files developed by Orange Bike Labs for Android smartphones. Use this software to remotely control your files and media and automatically connect to different servers.This app has some special features that are very useful along with the simple interface and can easily meet all your needs in this regard.

Orange Squeeze


  • Possibility to display and update playlist
  • Has useful shortcuts for better management, such as dragging to remove and …
  • Quick and fast file search
  • Enhanced artificial intelligence for a smooth and seamless experience
  • Manage music at the time of receiving the call
  • Ability to connect to secured password servers
  • Create a wishlist and get instant access to the app
  • Access to files and remote control of them

The current playlist display in Orange Squeeze is updated and includes some proper and preset moves that include dragging for easy removal or long pressures for re-setting. In general, the current playlist is displayed faster and stronger than any other application in the software. Another feature of this app is the creation of a list of favorites and quick access to the program. The full search functionality with an intuitive and seamless interface makes listening to music more attractive. Enhanced AI for a smooth and seamless experience in this app is admired. Also, when a phone call is received, the app will automatically disconnect the players and retransmit it after the call ends. It’s worth mentioning that this program works with password-protected servers to ensure your system’s security is not compromised. The playlist and menu management software for customizing software capabilities along with a simple and unobtrusive user interface has provided a useful and successful program. Enjoy the music with the orange music program. 

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