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Having a powerful and convenient dictionary on the phone can often be used by users. Many times it has also come to you that you need a dictionary to translate a non-Persian word. This time on , we have prepared a powerful and professional Oxford Dictionary of English T dictionary that lets you translate words on your mobile phone.

Oxford Dictionary of English Full


  • Ability to quickly search words while typing
  • Has a filter when you are unsure about the correct pronunciation of a word
  • Has a keyboard for searching and finding a word similar to the one you are looking for
  • Ability to download the dictionary for use in offline mode
  • More than 350 thousand words, phrases and meanings

This dictionary is powered by the powerful Oxford dictionary and has over 350,000 words, meanings and phrases. By installing this dictionary on your Android phone you will have access to a great and complete reference. If you are looking for a complete dictionary for your mobile phone, we suggest using the Oxford Dictionary of English T Dictionary.