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Oxford Dictionary with Translator v3.1.204 Apk is Available !

The latest version of the Oxford Dictionary with Translator

Different apps are built for Android OS. These programs can help users in various areas. For example, using dictionary programs can be the need to carry heavy books to meet their needs.

The Oxford Dictionary with Translator app is a very useful tool that provides Oxford Rich Dictionary with its translator in 14 languages. Each word is very important in different languages. A word in one language may have several meanings. Dictionaries are books that allow you to view different meanings of words. This app is actually an Oxford dictionary that gives you the full meaning of the words with detailed explanation. Along with this dictionary, a highly functional interpreter is also included in your dictionary so you can find meaning in other languages ​​as well.

Oxford Dictionary with Translator Download Oxford Dictionary app with translation

Features of the Oxford Dictionary with Translator

  • A very functional tool
  • Oxford Rich Dictionary
  • Full explanation for each word
  • Ability to add words to favorites
  • Full translation into 14 languages
  • Translation of sentence and word
  • Ability to listen to the pronunciation of words
  • There are 14 different languages ​​in the dictionary
  • There are over 1.5 million words
  • Use in debug mode
  • The user interface is very simple
  • And other facilities

As said, Oksford Dictionary with Translator is a very functional tool that lets you access full-language dictionary in over 14 languages. In this way, you can see the meaning of each word in its own language and even listen to its pronunciation. You can also see the translation of each word in other languages, along with a complete explanation of the meaning of the word in that language.

Supported languages

• English – Oxford Dictionary of English 
• American English – New Oxford American Dictionary 
• Russian – Oxford Russian Dictionary 
• Spanish – Oxford Spanish Dictionary 
• Chinese Simplified – Oxford Chinese Dictionary 
• French – Oxford Hachette French Dictionary 
• German – Oxford German Dictionary 
• Japanese – Oxford Japanese Mini Dictionary 
• Urdu – Oxford English Urdu Dictionary 
• Italian – Oxford Paravia Italian Dictionary 
• Portuguese – Oxford Essential Portuguese Dictionary 
• Thai – Concise Oxford-River Books English-Thai Dictionary 
• Bulgarian – Oxford SoftPress English Bulgarian Dictionary 
• Greek – Oxford Greek Mini Dictionary

Screen shot of the game or the program


• Camera scanner feature added 
• Reduced app size

Download files with direct link

Apk – Size: 6.86 MB

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