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Password Manager SafeInCloud Pro v17.0.3 Apk is Available !

The program manages passwords Password Manager SafeInCloud

Support for cloud services

Many users for their passwords they use a shared secret. No doubt something very risky and problematic because if leaking a password another password that you will Winslow. So the best thing to use complex passwords and so one may guess or steal your passwords is not all. Also remember several passwords that have a high level of security is also somewhat difficult. That’s why we recommend using programs that are available to store passwords, so you can enter your passwords on these programs whenever you want to access them.


  • Convenient and simple
  • Material Design
  • Black skins
  • Very strong encryption
  • Sync with cloud services
  • You can enter with fingerprints
  • Analysis of the strength of your password
  • Construction of passwords
  • Running desktop, free
  • Enter the information automatically

Save password Password Manager SafeInCloud software for Android phones. In this application you can password for the account, such as Facebook, email, passwords, credit cards and enter. The software also allows you to categorize your passwords entered to access much easier for them. The software also lets you build secure passwords. This software can offer you the passwords that are very high security level. Password Manager SafeInCloud for material design is done and is therefore an attractive appearance.


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