Peak’s Brain Power Peak Peace Program – Brain Games & Training

Released by Peaklab Software Studio

Fully Unlocked + Attachment Required

One of the categories that has a lot of fans on the PlayStation site is the programs that provide brain and brain enhancement. These programs can actually boost people’s minds with games and exercises. The exercises and games that are included in this program are also designed to make your mind challenged by doing so.



  • There are over 25 small games in different categories (memory, focus, language, psychology, problem solving, etc.)
  • Challenging the human mind and keeping it dynamic
  • Separating your brain function on different days using charts and charts in different tasks

Peak – Brain Training is one of those great mind-blowing apps for Android. The program has games and exercises that can enhance and enhance your mind. Peak-Brain Training Games and Exercises are designed to work with your brain and mind to solve them.

In this program, your progress will be displayed through various charts and charts.