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Perfect Kick v2.1.4 Apk is Available !

The latest version of Android Perfect Kick

The game is online

Perfect Kick a very beautiful and exciting game where you must defeat the other penalties banquet to be the hero in this game. You should be seen as offensive to the functionality of your penalty as well as goalkeeper appear to show. Competition in various tournaments and be qualified to practice offline with nurses Shvyd.baqablyt hero! Attractive graphics and game features a variety of premium features including online play. Suggest Apktops to football, in no way do not miss this game.

Perfect Kick

Features :

  • Play online with other users from around the world
  • There are 3 modes in the game: Champions League, Super Star and Classic Mode
  • View the list of top players
  • Choice of clothes, shoes, gloves and face arbitrary
  • The possibility of strengthening the players with training or purchase items
  • 3D graphics and natural atmosphere of the game

Perfect-Kick- (3)

Perfect-Kick- (2)

Hacking Training games (made by my good friend with username alascup)

Greetings to all those who say this game was hacked …
Newton is my player names in the game that I think all Iranians recognize me in the game
This game hack hack it … apktops Please check if you posted this as unlikely as any site I know you know that the world Hkv
What the heck was doing too much or slow down the ball game, … in other words, with this hack can fire 90% of energy in the game Bpyryn without gloves … and a few boss Bbyazyn … as you can play the also easily Bbryn

You must be routed to this phone hacking
Name hacking software is.
But how do you play when the application is not to block your account?
After opening the mini-Maze game hacker and the hacker could then play the game amounts Ltd. is the mark, setting the pace
When you want to be in the game or anything else’re Ltd. hacker’s values’re set to 0
But when you want someone to match it
When you’re the goalkeeper after you’ve set up -1
And when you want to hit a shot you’ve set amounts on +1
When the values ​​of -1 and +1 Nebrin no further because’re a block
good luck

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