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Perfect Shift v1.1.0.9992 MOD Apk + Data is Available !

Intriguing game Perfect Shift

With fantastic graphics
A fun and exciting gameplay
Shifting tournament-style ride
The regular version + version mode
Along with the official game trailer video + data files

With a score of 4.3 out of 5 and nearly 5 million downloads on Google Play

With the advent of cars, from the very beginning of human thought to contests and competitions that can be created with the help of this vehicle moved. During the past century with cars’ve been holding thousands of national and international competition. Little by little the further development of the automotive industry, competition issues as well developed passenger car. In recent decades we have been holding various competitions and modern. Events such as contests drift, drag and …. One of these new competitions, contests Shifting is a tough challenge in which drivers are drawn.


Features :

  • Details graphics
  • Challenging and fun gameplay
  • Tournament style Shyftyng
  • Unparalleled visual effects
  • Lighting and excellent sound
  • There are more than 25 sports car
  • Ability to manage, upgrade, equip and personalize cars
  • There are various locations including the desert routes, urban and …
  • There are different parts to play like regular tournaments, tournaments, daily challenges, time, and …

Perfect Shift game

Beautiful and sensational game Perfect Shift is a leading Shyftyng style games. This game studio Lextre Russia prepared and Android and iOS operating systems is available. Perfect Shift in style Shyftyng tournament, one of the game these days is challenging. In these competitions, you have to focus only on one part and it shifts a (transformative) position. To do this it is necessary to become skilled enough to know the right time to do it.

Shift the wrong can lead to Early Shift Late Shift or both of the correct moves and increase speed exponentially negative effect. If it’s too late or too early gear changes, engine work may never happen. So the first point in relation to the tournament, according to the exact time. Perfect Shift game will also follow the same rule. You need only to shift the exact time to think. Although your main focus should be on increasing gear, sometimes it is necessary to lower the gear.

Perfect Shift game you play as the driver of a sports car to compete with other drivers who pays you play. Your car will move in a straight line and you have to do is get your gear on time or less. To do this you need to be careful and engine speed when the engine speed was enough to change gear, to gear up.

Maybe by reading this description in mind that this game was to think how easy this is! But this is not reality! Just like dragging series (acceleration) that seem very simple, the game is simple at first glance. But the challenge you face a higher stage marked by serious competitors. Where the mistake you make will be Bakhttan. In this case, the accuracy of milliseconds also be important.

Perfect Shift game has excellent graphics. Fully three-dimensional graphics and graphical detail and texture are very professional. The game view from the side (back or front) is. You can earn points and get more money for the best. Also, can the tuning sector, the best upgrades may apply on your car. For example, you can change your engine or optimize. Apart from the promotion can personalize your car and use different colors for the body.



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