Extremely professional and fascinating game PES 2018

The official version of Pro Evolution Soccer for Android is 
great graphics with dynamic gameplay and a very entertaining 
product from the studio KONAMI.

In the video game industry, the name KONAMI is undoubtedly one of the most popular names. The Japanese company has become very popular with the production of Pro Evolution Soccer series called PES over the past decade. Although the KONAMI rival, the EA , has made significant progress over the past few years, many gamers are still fans of the PES series. Conami, after declining popularity over the past two or three years, decided to launch the 18-release version for the PES version as well. In this article, we’ll introduce the PES 2018 for Android operating systems.

PS 2018

Features of the PES 2018 Android

  • Excellent graphics and good examples
  • Very high detail and professional design
  • Output 60 frames per second
  • Professional and realistic gameplay similar to consular versions
  • Possibility to carry out all kinds of football moves such as short pass, long pass, dribble, cross, shot shot and …
  • The existence of club and national teams

🔴 After this, close the game and open it again to reach the home screen. On the Home screen, tap Options on the right side of the image, and then select the Data Transfer option. After that, select the KONAMI ID option. This will need to re-enter the Konami site and login with the username and password of the account. After logging in, it automatically runs and reports the process’s success.

🔴 At the end, your owner ID has to be added to the left of the image. If you add, that means you have completed the steps correctly.Now all parts of your game are stored in this ID and you can retrieve your profile in the future through this same option on any device.