The game is incredibly beautiful and addicting PES CLUB MANAGER 

More than 5,000,000 active installations in Google Play

The product of KONAMI is the manufacturer of Pro Evolution Soccer series

Create your dream team in PSP! PES CLUB MANAGER is a new and beautiful football game developed and produced by the famous and reputable company KONAMI . Undoubtedly, the games made by the famous Konami company are becoming popular among audiences.Konami is the creator of other soccer games that runs on different platforms, such as Sony 1, Sony 2, Sony 3 or PC. In this release, you will be able to form a strong team and take part in the unique tournament.

atributies :

  • Stunning graphics
  • Huge teams and leagues in the world
  • More than 5,000 real soccer players
  • Extremely intriguing and addictive gameplay
  • Exciting and entertaining tournaments
  • Teaching players
  • Matches and games in 3D
  • Use of high graphics engine (console graphics engine)
  • Physics and realistic and beautiful movements
  • Play and match in real-time mode.
  • And many other attractive and diverse features


In the description of the game of football, a lot of things can not be said, because we can safely say that we all play soccer games and play and leave no room for discussion. But some key features of the game will be: Choose your players and train them, create your own club and give your team their own special tactics and instructions to become the best football club in the world. Become yours!

PES CLUB MANAGER uses an optimized version of the video game console such as Pro Evolution Soccer 2015. Real-time 3D races that run real-time will help you win your team to the top of the score table. The game consists of more than 5000 real football players from all over the world, as well as real league and clubs from Europe and South America.

The game has super high graphics and runs well on Android 4.2+ devices! Take control of everything in your club and try to win in different competitions and levels. Play in different leagues and control the individual team players on the pitch and use a good strategy for each match.