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Phone INFO + ★ Samsung ★ v3.7.0 Apk is Available !

Display mobile info with Samsung Phone INFO +

Purchased version and full program with all the features

This software is offered to Samsung brand owners!

Maybe you’ve had plenty of years to come and get detailed information about your Android device’s hardware and software, and you’ve been looking for an app that can help you with that.

If so, we suggest using the Phone INFO + Samsung application. With the help of this program you can get useful information about your Android smartphone hardware and software. This software has the ability to display various information on the phone, which we will refer to all of these sections.

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  • Show phone manufacturer country
  • Showing hidden code of phone or tablet
  • Show browser operating system
  • Change the CSC easily
  • Checking upgrades
  • S / N decoding
  • View general information
  • Display CSC information
  • Display DEVICE ID info
  • Displays hardware information
  • Display operating system information
  • Displays miscellaneous information
  • Use history

The above software allows you to display the following information:

general information:

  • Manufacturer / Brand
  • Phone model
  • device type
  • Product Name
  • Country of origin
  • production date

CSC information:

  • Original CSC code
  • CSC Freedom Code
  • Active CSC code
  • CSC Country
  • ISO Country CSC
  • Product Code CSC

Device ID:

  • IMEI
  • Serial number
  • Samsung serial number

Hardware Information:

  • Boot loader version
  • Band version
  • PDA version
  • CSC version

Operating system information:

  • change list
  • Build number
  • Construction description
  • production date
  • Android version

Misc information:

  • Internal storage
  • hardware
  • Platform / chip
  • Hardware Editing
  • The name of the mobile operator
  • Mobile Network Code

Function history:

  • Headset connector counters
  • Charger connector counter (requires rout)
  • S Pen Disconnect Counter (requires rout)


v3.6.8: Fixed the issue with the Firmware Browser menu.

– Implemented run-time permissions. 
– Removed unneeded by LOCATION permission.

v3.6.3: Added Firmware Update History: Tap on the ‘Latest Firmware’ item to see (in the FIRMWARE tab).

v3.6.2: Added ‘Battery Discharge Cycles’, ‘Battery Health’.

v3.6.1: Added commercial model name, support for dual SIM.

v3.5.8: Added ‘WiFi Chip’ info.

v3.5.5: Added ‘Tips and Tricks’ menu.

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