PicLab Professional Photo Editor – Photo Editor

With the megapixels these days for Android phones, there’s no doubt that photography is one of the main features of Android mobile phones. Perhaps mobile phones have somehow been able to capture digital cameras, and this gadget (mobile phone), with all the tools for those who are not very professional photographers, can undoubtedly be an excellent option for the account. It lets users capture beautiful photos.

PicLab --- Photo-Editor

But these pictures will come to a peak when they are edited using an editor program. If you are also interested in editing these images, we recommend that you do not miss the PicLab – Photo Editor software at all. This software is recognized as one of the most powerful and best image editing software on Android, which offers you great and unique features for you to beautify your images.

Using PicLab – Photo Editor, it’s possible to create amazing and awesome images from the awesome filters and effects that are included. You can share images made on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and … with your friends so that your friends can also view them.

PicLab app features:

  • typography

This software lets you put the text you like on the images you take. You will have different tools for this. For example, you can select your favorite font from the fonts designed by the best designers in the world, and create your own custom text. You can set your own custom size, rotate it, and set the transparency level of the post. In this application you will be able to create text with several layers to create a very nice typography. The ability to add shadows to text is also possible, and you can double its beauty by adding a shadow to the text.

  • Stickers

You can use the stickers and artwork included in this software and make your images beautiful. You can use the above items to add your own images and give it a special beauty. The stickers are updated on a monthly basis, and you can also download and use the new stickers.

  • Masks and coatings

With these items you can give a beautiful beauty to your pictures and surprise your friends. This section is also constantly updating and adding new ones that you can use.

  • Collage tools

Fun collage included in this application. Collage is a kind of art in which you can turn your images into beautiful pieces and create stunning visuals. With this software you can create superbly sophisticated collages.

  • Photo filters

One of these gadgets is filters that can give a very different view of the images you take. There are also different filters in the software that are placed in regular categories and you can use them to marvel at your images.

  • Image Effect

The next option in the photo editing software is the effect. The effects actually only touch the touch once and after that you will see a complete transformation of your images. The app also has awesome and beautiful effects in the categories of brightness, saturation, contrast, blur, and exposure, so you can create beautiful images with it. By showing the images created, you will no doubt be surprised by your friends.

  • Design Tools

This tool is very suitable for those who want to make some edits on their photos. For example, using these tools, you can create memos or put instructions for the pictures. In general, this section will be very effective for those who are interested in painting.

  • Select the desired shell

Avoiding the tiredness of the program environment is one of the things that the maker has thought of. The software itself has a variety of themes that at the desired time, you can easily change it and put your own theme for the program.