Launcher Pixel Android Pixel Launcher

Released by Google

Version no need to root

Some time ago, Google announced a new look for the phone that introduced it. The apparition was supposed to be used on HTC Handset.The rumors were that the name appeared to be “pixels” and this was confirmed after the unveiling of the new Google phone.


  • Swipe to the right on the main page to view Google features including news and personal information
  • Quick access to the Google Search app on the phone’s home screen
  • Drag to the top of the page to view the programs in alphabetical order
  • Offers apps that allow you to view and view apps that are used
  • Drag apps to the desired location as shortcuts by holding them and holding them

Maybe you’re one of the users who like to experience this new look on your phone. If so, we suggest using the Pixel Launcher. This launcher can bring a new look by Google to your mobile phone to give you a new experience with your phone. This launcher features great features that will greatly increase the speed of your work. These tools will give you an unrivaled experience to work smoother and easier with your phone.