Planet Commander: Spaceship Battles

Planet Commander: Spaceship Battles is a 7+-year-old action game developed by the GDCompany’s Game Studios and released totally free to download on Google Play.

Planet Commander: Spaceship Battles is a management game that you will be responsible for handling the spacecraft this time and you must keep the spaceship at the highest possible level with the military skills available and the attacks that are directed towards you. Pass safely and even destroy your enemies so that no problem will happen to you in the galaxies.

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The features of the game Planet Commander

  • Play in 5 spatial and spectacular classes
  • The presence of light and heavy vehicles
  • There are more than 20 spaceships to choose from
  • There are many items for customization
  • Access to 100 guns for equipping
  • Possibility to build a powerful team for your battles
  • Play in completely 3-dimensional environments
  • Great quality sound graphics
  • Compatible with all types of phones and tablet

Introducing Planet Commander: Spaceship Battles

In this fun game you have access to 100 types of weapons that you can use on your spaceships to fight against enemies of higher power. The game is executed in high quality environments in the form of HD, which can be more powerful than any other item with your game. You can also buy 20 different spaces in the game, each of which has unique items.