Plants vs Zombies v2 game Popular Plants vs. Zombies

Electronic Arts (EA) is known for developing addictive games. Popular games by this great company have been announced so far that they have been able to make significant success. We have already introduced several of the same games to this company. The games presented by this great company represent the presence of everyone. This time, we are going to introduce another popular game of the company, which is one of the most well-constructed games. Play plants against zombies!

Game features of plants against zombies 2

  • Added new plants and zombies
  • Different ways to protect the home in the game
  • Excellent HD graphics
  • Gameplay is addictive and very fun
  • Performing the game in different places and conditions
  • There are various challenges for users
  • Possibility to upgrade the plants during the game
  • Buy new herbs by collecting more points

Game Review Plants vs. Zombies 2

Those who played the first version of this popular game are undoubtedly familiar with the game. The first version of the game was a great success for EA, and now it’s time for the second version of the popular game to be able to rebuild the success of the first edition for electronic arts. So far, it has been successful in this and has been able to replicate not only the success of the previous version, but also a lot more users to this game! Explaining the Plants vs Zombies game can be repeated because it’s so popular that few people can find that they do not know. But we assume that you do not have any familiarity with this addictive game.

Gameplay and the story of Plants vs. Zombies 2

The story of Plants vs Zombies 2 is about the war between plants and zombies. Plants against zombies are responsible for protecting a home. These zombies want to enter the house from the roof, and eat the person inside the house. But you must be able to prevent zombies from using the plants in the game and make them unable to reach their destination.

Each of the Plants vs Zombies 2 plants has unique capabilities, each of which can be placed in a specific location to prevent the advance of zombies. Similarly, the different stages of the game will be ahead of you, which will increase the difficulty of the game in each step. So that in the next steps you will surely have a problem and you should do more effort to pass some of the steps.

During the game, you will see the presence of different zombies that vary in strength, and this will increase the challenge of planting plants against zombies as you will be constantly trying to destroy more powerful zombies. Prevent it from coming to the chimney pipe.Plants are playing against zombies in different locations and conditions in each season. This will prevent you from seeing repetitive environments and a rhythm during the game.

Undoubtedly, Plants vs Zombies 2 is one of the most addictive games in all of Android games. The gameplay is completely innovative and fun. The graphics of the game are also designed as HD to confirm the EA’s capabilities!

Important note:

To run correctly Plants vs Zombies 2, both Google Play Games and Google Play Services must be installed on your Android phone.

Data placement training: After extracting the data file, the file is located in the data folder on Android / data and the file contained in the obb folder on Android / obb.